Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Am I Concerned About America?

I met with a fantastic group of Christian men the other day. It's a group that gets together to pray and share truth in such a way that inspires the participates to go out into their daily grind and live wholeheartedly for Christ. As we met and shared on Monday, it was apparent that we are all concerned about the direction our country is going and what we would perceive to be the outcome of said path. The men in the group shared a number of concerns.

What I took from our meeting was a sense that the Church of Jesus Christ MUST take a stand. However, I am not advocating a social-political solution. Now, if God has led you to make a mark through the political system, go for it! I would never suggest that anyone not obey God's leading. But what I am suggesting is far more spiritual in nature, and we find the basis for these thoughts in 2 Chronicles 5-7. King David had turned the nation of Israel over to his son, Solomon (see 1 Chronicles 28). Solomon was anointed king, and he set himself to the task of building the Temple, the permanent place of sacrifice and worship for the Jews. Upon completion of the Temple, Solomon led the people in an incredible dedication ceremony as they consecrated not only the Temple but themselves to the Lord God.

God knew that His people had great intentions, but He also knew they had a propensity for spiritual failure. God also knew that this would bring about ruin in the land of Israel. But He gave them (and us) hope. I know you are probably familiar with 2 Chronicles 7:14, but let me remind you of the key to the redemption of a nation that has fallen from God: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

The call here is for God's very own people to repent and turn back to Him! We can bemoan the moral collapse of our country and blame it on anyone we like, but God says that if we want our nation to be restored, if we want to become a great nation once again, His people - the Church - must get very serious about our relationship with Him. Too many people who sit in church pews (or other styles of seating) Sunday after Sunday do not have a relationship with God. Oh, they've prayed a prayer so that their fire insurance is paid up, but they are not passionately pursuing God! I know that sounds very condemning, but I perceive it to be true based upon what I see and what I hear from my pastor friends. America's complacency toward God is a result of our complacency toward Him.

The answer is not to rebel against the government nor against the church. I am a fan of the church! It is God's organization - the only organization Jesus both left behind and blessed (see Matthew 16:18). The answer to save America is within the hearts of those who make up the Church! Perhaps if we took our faith more seriously and passionately pursued God, others would hunger and thirst to do the same!

So what is your passion? What are you pursuing?


  1. God Bless u my brother! u brought so so much to us Monday morning. i love u DD!

  2. Dennis, it's been such a blessing to be reconnected with you! You've blessed my heart! Let's keep refreshing the saints - Philemon 7.

  3. The last paragraph hit the nail on the head. We assume too often we are the chosen nation and not Babylon. We proof text from the OT instead of seeing how the Story of the Bible plays out. We are more in the time of the prophets than the time of the King.

    Jeremiah 26-29 told the Israelites to submit to the Pagan King of Babylon and then work for the good of the Pagan Kingdom (See Daniel 1). All because heritage and entitlement trumped faith in God. We would rather eat from the table an earthly king rather than the table of the King of Kings.

    Also, most Christian arguments are rooted in not knowing how Church, State and Politics. The debate of healthcare, Gay Marriage and taxes can't be answered until we figure out are we more puritan or Anabaptist in our governmental interactions.

    I honesty think I would have been a Tory during the American Revolution (Like Wesley if I remember right).