Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'll be teaching on forgiveness this weekend in our services.  I ran across this illustration that I think says a lot.  Two men at a nursing home had been quarreling for years.  One of the men thought he was on his deathbed so he called his foe over to his bed and said, “John, I forgive you for what you have said and done against me over the years, and I want you to do the same for me.”  The other man, with tears in his eyes, agreed that he too would like to forgive and be forgiven.  Then the man in the bed said, “But if I get better, this doesn’t count!”
If we don't forgive, we are bound to the people we cannot forgive.  An unforgiving spirit is little better than being like inmates of an internal concentration camp.  While we often try to punish and imprison those who hurt us, the reverse actually happens.  When we don't forgive, we end up being tortured.  The worst prison in the world is the prison of an unforgiving heart.
Lewis Smedes said, "When I genuinely forgive, I set a prisoner free and then discover that the prisoner I set free was me."
Think about it...

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Journey

Birthdays cause you to reflect.  Well, at least they should.  I am now 57 years old.  Life has been good, but there have been a lot of twists and turns.  I've certainly racked up a lot of miles on this body.  I've made decisions, but good and bad.  I've erred and I've succeeded.  Regrets?  Sure.  Overall - it's been a great journey.  It's not always about the destination.  It's about how we get there. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Thinking Out Loud

I've been away from my blog for what seems like forever.  Ok, it's been since August?  It's so hard to keep up with everything.  I've been teaching online courses, pastoring my church, chasing my senior daughter in her last year of high school, hanging out with my son at the gun range, etc.  Here are some rambling thoughts...

My greatest joy:  My children and grandson.  They are all such joy to me.  I can't imagine life without them!  It's great watching our youngest transition during this senior year of high school into a future collegiate person.  My son and I are growing closer each week, and he's been coming to church again every week for the past 3+ months.  My oldest daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandson, though far away, are so very dear to us. 

My greatest challenge:  Ministry is always a challenge.  I've been told that most pastors don't have what it takes to turn a church around.  Those who do, do it once.  A handful can do it twice.  I've been at EWC for 13+ years.  God has been gracious and we've seen good growth.  We've started a second service (Saturdays at 5:00 PM) and our overall attendance continues to climb.  I do find myself growing tired.

My greatest question:  What's next?  Am I growing toward a ride into the sunset or does God have a new mountain for me to climb?  What does the future hold?  More of the same?  Something new?

My greatest fear:  Please refer to my greatest question.  :)

My greatest ambition:  To follow Christ. 

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