Saturday, September 4, 2010

Defining Biblical Christianity

I have become increasingly concerned about the "dumbing down" of faith in our churches. I fear that we (the Church in general) have become so attraction-oriented that we have failed to teach our people doctrine. The easy believe-ism that has dominated the faith landscape has produced a void of understanding about what a Christ-centered faith is all about. Too many Christians don't read the Bible any more (I don't care what Gallup numbers may say). Too many pastors aren't teaching doctrine. They are afraid that people won't come to church if it isn't entertaining.

So when we have Glenn Beck calling America back to God, many evangelical Christians are jumping on the bandwagon and applauding his message. It's true that we must return to our God. But here's the rub - Glenn Beck is a Mormon. I appreciate his political conservatism. He has crafted an agenda and a position of influence. But Mormonism isn't Biblical Christianity! The doctrine of the Mormon church is not biblically sound and is in a state of constant change. Every new leader brings his own version of revelation to the table. The Book of Mormon even has supremacy over the Bible as far as Mormons are concerned. So when I hear Joel Osteen sharing with Pat Robertson that Glenn Beck is a Christian and I hear them both applauding this, I can't help but cringe.

I'm not writing to attack the Mormons, Joel Osteen, or Pat Robertson. I challenging my fellow pastors and teaching friends to join me in preaching doctrine in such a way as to inform and transform our people. Let's lift Christ higher than we ever have. Let's teach truth in an uncompromising fashion. Let's be unapologetic in our stand that the Bible is the only source of truth and that God is speaking - to us! Our people need to know what it is they believe when they say that they are following Jesus. If you and I don't teach the truth, they will look elsewhere. And who knows what they will find!

"Biblical Christians approach the Bible with reverence and respect, because they believe it is true and authoritative - that it contains God's very words." (Fritz Ridenour in So What's the Difference)


  1. Pastor, teach us. We'll be praying.

  2. You said long b 4 Glenn starting shouting it that this all boils down to the lowest element if you will. The element of each individual's position and relationship with God. Fix that and we fix the problem. I commend you and Glenn. He is just louder than you r.

  3. Hey, I didn't know that! This is so gravely disappointing. I've been so pleased by Glenn's rallying of the troops. It's so easy to judge people as being "in line" because everything thus far has been making God first.

    Well, this doesn't stop two things that his education of current events has inspired me to make a regular part of my life:
    1. Pray for America to return to God.
    2. Keep up on the government's incessant doings.