Monday, April 4, 2011


I've had a weekend of extremes. I went to see my father in PA on Friday and Saturday. It was sad to see the toll age and illness have taken on him. He was too weak to feed himself, and as I was feeding him, he said, "David, I never thought I'd get like this." He was so discouraged! We both cried as I left to come back home.

Then on Sunday, a family in the church asked me to dedicate their young son in a couple of months. He is a healthy little boy with his entire life in front of him.

The contrast was so stark. In just a matter of hours I went from feeling the pain of old age and hopelessness to the anticipation of a life. It was a real jolt as I dealt with my own emotions in all of it.

Appreciate the elderly and the infirm. Embrace the energy of new life. But hold both very carefully in your hands - they are precious!

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  1. I can relate. I have pictures of my dying mom kissing her newest great-great grandson in her death bed approx 1 week before she died