Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Being Challenged

I'm privileged to be in a cluster group of pastors in my district. We have been reading and studying some great research information in the areas of church leadership and congregational development. Our group happens to be facilitated by our district superintendent, who does a great job managing all of our personalities!

I share this with you because I find the experience to be uplifting and challenging. I love the synergy that comes from being in a room of like-minded leaders. The ideas flow and the atmosphere is very positive. But I also find myself being stretched and challenged. Most recently, our discussion led me to make several personal commitments in a key area of my ministry. I had become a bit lazy about a couple of things. The iron sharpened the iron. I'm regaining some focus. I am thankful for the challenge.

Who is challenging you? What iron-sharpening things are you purposefully involved in? Who is holding you accountable? Think it through. If you have that in your life, please share how it is working. If not, will you consider finding that group of like-minded people and stretch in your faith walk? Be encouraged. It really does help.

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