Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday was a hard day. I returned to my hometown of Greenville, PA, to file my dad's taxes for the last time and close out what little was left in his bank account. As I walked out of the post office after mailing off his tax return (you can't electronically file a "final" return - go figure), I paused on the steps. Then it hit me. I no longer have any roots in that community. Being adopted and having no siblings, I have no real connection to the community. I have memories, and those will always be with me. But roots - not so much.

Then I started thinking about my children. Due to several moves in my ministry, our family has no real place we can say is "home." Fortunately, Sarah and her family are living where she grew up (San Diego area) and her husband has a wonderful family network there. I'm thrilled for her! Jonathan and Rebekah will have to decide where they will be "rooted" in the years to come. I guess I am saddened that at this time we as a family are so spread out. Perhaps one day we will all be closer together. I take heart in the fact that even though we may be separated by miles, we do love each other very much and that keeps our hearts close.

Regrets? Not in serving the Lord and believing that we have obeyed His call in our lives. But there is a longing in my heart for that place we can call home and be together. I know other families have the same struggles - we certainly are not alone in this. I guess I'm just reflective today...


  1. I think every week about how nice it would be to have you & Mom living close by here in SD. That would be so nice and extremely helpful! :) Adam's parents and siblings are great, and the Pidcoes are fantastic as ever, but there's definitely a spot reserved just for you guys.

  2. I know, Sarah. If God ever opens the door, it would be great! We'll just have to pray and see what God will do in the future. In the mean time, hug your guys for me - especially my wonderful grandson!!!!