Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back At It

I know it's been months since I put anything on this site.  Perhaps by now no one is even looking at it.  But I'm going to get back to throwing out ideas and thoughts and hope that someone responds. 

Each day I wrestle with the idea of leading like Jesus.  I've been reading a great book on this topic (Leading Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard).  The struggle comes with the whole idea that leadership is often divorced from spirituality.  It shouldn't be.  But recently, during a message on spiritual leadership, I made the statement that everyone is a leader if we accept the definition of leadership as being influence.  Someone in the congregation vehemently shook his head "no" when I said that everyone is a leader.  Even as I explained my thoughts more completely, I saw that he was totally checked out from that point on. 

That's too bad.  I really believe I'm correct in my assessment of what leadership is, but far too often individuals do not see leadership for what it really is.  And the truth is, if you are breathing, someone is watching, and if they are watching, you are influencing, and that makes you a leader! 

How is your influence going?


  1. Every husband is a leader (of his home). Every parent is a leader within their home. That covers most adults in one way or another. I can't think of a more important place to have influence than among those who are closest to us. People are always watching, especially if we claim to be Christian. You can stick your head in the ground, but doesn't change the truth about influence. Thanks Dave!