Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Proud Dad - Part 2

We celebrated my daughter's volleyball season last night with a banquet and awards.  I was thrilled to see my daughter walk up and receive her varsity letter.  But I was even more proud when the coach spent several minutes talking about my daughter's contribution to the team - her hard work, her all-out play on the floor, and her example to others about how hard work really does pay off!  Yep, the glow on that side of the auditeria was coming from my table! 

What I am most proud of is not what my daughter did (though she was a key cog in a team that was a semi-state finalist in Indiana Class 2A), but rather, who she is becoming.  She is becoming quite a young lady who is developing her leadership.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and is getting involved in community service.  She is a team leader.  She is an encourager.  Younger students look up to her because she brings positive energy to all.

As we were getting ready to leave the banquet, one of the coaches from the junior high girls team spoke with me about my daughter.  She interns for this coach who is a teacher at the high school.  The teacher told me that she is honored to have my daughter intern and that she is a blessing to her.  I thanked the teacher and told her how much she meant to my daughter.  The teacher's response:  "She's such a great young lady." 

Lord, all three of my children are awesome.  Thank you for how you have wired them.  I thank you for the contributions they are making to society and to your Kingdom.  Please continue to lead and guide their lives.  Give them dreams that exceed their circumstances.  Give them courage to passionately pursue the dreams you give them.  And please, give them a joy that comes from knowing and loving you!

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