Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Basics

As a pastor of 32 years, I must say that I don't really feel like an authority on a lot of things.  I make no claim to being an expert!  I am still learning every day, and I am deeply indebted to the people I am continually learning from:  Tim, my spiritual growth partner; Matthew, my friend and young leader who thinks outside the box; Rob, an innovative church leader who I appreciate more as the years go by; and, Aron, my good friend who is my superior in ministry.  Thanks to these people, I am constantly being challenged to raise the bar and strive for more.

There are many things that I've learned about life and ministry over the years, and I am thinking that sharing them might be of some benefit.  One adage is, "You can't take people to a level where you haven't been."  By that we mean that leaders need to stay one step ahead of their people.  To raise people up you don't get behind them and push, but rather, you bend down and offer a hand to lift them up.

In order to be that kind of leader, you have to keep learning.  Read books.  Listen to cd's and other online resources.  Attend an occasional conference.  Spend time with other growing leaders.  Expose yourself to the wisdom of others - even (especially) if they are younger than you!

Let me encourage you to take it to the next level no matter what level you find yourself on.  And keep serving others.  There is no better way to lead than to serve.  But more about that next time.

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