Friday, January 29, 2010

Giving Thanks

I am grateful to report that my knee surgery on Monday (1/25) was a success! The torn cartilage was removed and they scraped out some arthritis that managed to accumulate under the knee cap (of course, it didn't show in the MRI). I have had a great recovery and am walking, occasionally using a cane. I abandoned the crutches by Wednesday morning. Painkillers went by the wayside Tuesday morning. Of course, Stevie was the nurse-in-charge, worked hard, and now is off the clock! I just have to get in shape for the Easter weekend basketball marathon!


  1. Arthritis, huh? Can I get a photo of you with the cane?!

    Of course, we're also thankful you made it through safely!

  2. Sorry, Sarah! I'm moving too fast for cane photos. Actually, that's not true, but cameras are forbidden! Mom actually forgot to bring one to surgery - hooray! Love ya!