Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Right With the Church?

Ok, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant right now. As a pastor and church leader, I've often been confronted by individuals who desire to tell me everything that is wrong with the church. They don't always limit their comments to a particular local church. They attack all churches, alleging that all churches have the same shortcomings and therefore are to be shunned. As a former church planter and current church planting director, I am a bit alarmed by some of the tactics used by planters to attract the unchurched to their new work - a "we aren't like everyone else" approach that again insinuates that every other church is faulty. And the books - good Christian books - often attack the church's shortcomings, leaving many with a sense that church is of little or no value.

My problem is this: the Church is Jesus' creation (see Matthew 16:13-20). Unfortunately, the Scriptures really don't tell us how to "run" the church, so we organize and facilitate ministry based upon our desire (or lack thereof) to connect with our culture. Our finite efforts often fail to mirror the ultimate image of what the Church of our infinite God and Savior intended, but even so, Jesus said "the gates of hell will not prevail against it (the Church).

So what's right with the Church? I can think of a ton of things, but I'd like for you to tell me what you think. Let me get you started. I think one thing the church gets right is drawing people together in unity of purpose and spirit. Another positive is how many churches are really great at "being" Christ in the community by meeting needs in tangible ways. Of course, the Church is awesome when it points people to Jesus. How's that for starters? What can you add?


  1. Okay, you people. Nobody commented and that frightens me a bit.
    Things I appreciate about Jamul Church that I see in The Church:
    -a craving for authenticity
    -straight Biblical teaching
    -a desire to study modern worldviews in hopes of representing Christ more affectively
    -traditions, like a real family
    -no "grabbyness" for power, authority
    -beautiful, varied worship experiences

  2. Awesome, Sarah! Sounds like a church founded on Acts 2:42-47.

  3. True that! Funny -- we have "2:42 groups," which is basically the small group network all over the community that started when we did Acts last year!