Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Necessary Change

I have been reading the book "The Fly in the Ointment" by J. Russell Crabtree. There are a lot of great insights in this book as to why denominations are failing their churches and how to change that trend. It's a great read for anyone who desires to be a change agent.

One quote that really stuck out to me is this: "Every day that we resist necessary change closes a door of opportunity somewhere in the future." (see page 7). My first impulse was to agree, but then the word "necessary" really caught my eye. Change for change sake isn't spiritual nor is it satisfying. But what necessary changes do I have to make in my life to make sure I don't miss out on future opportunities? I have to be honest and answer that one. How about you? What necessary changes does my church have to make so as to have a positive impact in the days to come? For my church-leader friends, have you asked yourself that recently?

But here is the real rub: Am I really willing to change whatever necessarily needs to be changed? Ultimately the change has to start with the strategic change agent. That's me! That's you! What do you think?

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