Friday, February 25, 2011

Investing in Others

My friend, Shawn, is an amazing coach! Once he has entered into a coaching relationship, he has the uncanny ability to see what others either overlook or simply cannot see. He is a blessing to the people he coaches. His investment has saved the ministry life of one man I know, and I'm sure there are others who would say the same.

When it comes to coaching, mentoring, or otherwise partnering with others, I want to ask this question of myself. Perhaps you'll be willing to ask it of yourself. Am I intentional in partnering with another person for the sake of building them up so that the Kingdom of God may increase? And a companion question might be this: Do I care who gets the credit?

Many people around us are drowning spiritually and professionally. Wouldn't it please God if we were to come along side them, just like the Holy Spirit (paraclete) does with us? Would it make a difference if we were to invest ourselves in another so that they might be more fruitful or productive? I believe the answer is yes! You may not feel qualified. You may feel inadequate. But you just might save some one's life if you were to simply invest yourself in another.

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