Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In the Greek language, the word agony has an interesting history. It was originally a term that was an alternative to another word (agon) for a place of assembly. It was later used to denote the contests or games that took place in those assembly areas. These contests usually involved great struggle. Eventually it was used to denote severe emotional strain and anguish.

Have you ever been at a place of agony? Perhaps you know what I am referring to...those places that we find ourselves in where we experience great strain or stress. We tend to agonize over significant things - the death of a loved one, financial pressure, health concerns, a wayward child, a career choice - you can name many more. Sometimes we agonize over things because of poor decisions we've made. At other times we agonize over things about which we have little or no control.

Question: Do we agonize over the same things that God agonizes about? Personal sin? Lost souls? The hurts of others? And then: Does our agony move us to action?

In the weeks that lead up to Easter, let us not forget the agony that Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemane. He agonized there for you and for me. That agony led Him to make the ultimate sacrifice. Let us embrace Jesus and allow Him to move in our hearts for all the right reasons.

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