Thursday, September 27, 2012


Efforting.  It's an interesting term.  It's used in broadcast journalism when support staff is attempting to secure a guest for a show - "We're efforting that." 

It's also a good way to describe what happens in sports.  Players that are really putting everything into the game are known for their efforting - giving their total energies to the game.  My daughter Bekah and her friend, Morgan, are great at efforting in their volleyball games.  Some of their teammates - not so much.

Let's move the discussion over to spiritual development.  Are you "efforting" in your growth?  Are you putting in the effort necessary to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus?  Do you settle for simply being on the team when you could be contributing in the game?  Are you contributing in such a way that adds value to your team and teammates, or are you actually being a drain on their efforts? 

I know these are hard questions for some who may read this blog.  But we are all responsible to be good stewards of what God has given us.  Being a good steward is not keeping what we have, but investing it so that it grows.  When one person isn't efforting, it impacts the whole team - and the whole church.

So what do you think?  And are you efforting?

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