Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Certified Coach

In December I became a certified coach with the Wesleyan Coaching Network.  I'm thrilled to be able to offer my services in the area of life coaching for pastors and other individuals who desire to grow in their lives.  I will specialize in pastoral leadership but am open to whatever God directs. 

The training to be come a coach was incredible.  The initial two-day training session, reading, mentoring, and practicum hours combined to stretch me in many ways.  I've learned better how to help people develop their own plan rather than me trying to be their "Mr. Fix-It."  I'm less of a consultant and more of a facilitator.  I've found this approach to be most satisfying and have used the approach in my local ministry.  The results are awesome! 

I am available to do six and twelve month contracts.  Rates vary depending on the situation.  Coaching calls are monthly unless otherwise needed.  There is unlimited email consultation between calls.  For pastors / churches, I provide two on site visits at cost.  Contact me if you want to explore what it means to be coached. 

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