Sunday, October 27, 2013

Proud Dad

I am proud of all of my children!  My oldest daughter and her family live in southern California.  They are doing well and are making a difference in the lives of the people they touch.  My daughter and her husband are doing a great job raising their son, my grandson, and I am looking forward to seeing what he will do for God some day.

My son lives in our area, has a good job and a wonderful girlfriend.  I have an excellent relationship with him.  He is a welder by trade.  In addition, he has a phenomenal green thumb.  I go to him for all advice on gardening and landscaping.  I enjoy spending time with him whenever we get the chance.  And son, if you are reading this, we need to get to the shooting range again soon!

But today I want to brag just a bit about my youngest daughter.  This has been a great Fall for her.  She is carrying a near 12.0 average (similar to most school district's 4.0).  She was elected by her classmates to be the Junior Class Homecoming representative this year.  I'm biased, but she was the most beautiful young lady on the court!  To top it off, last night her varsity volleyball team won the class 2-A sectional championship!  She is the starting defensive specialist for the team.  Tuesday they play in regional competition, and if they win, they are off to semi-state on Saturday.

I've been blessed to have three wonderful children!  Thank you, Lord!

An addition as of 10/30/13 - My daughter's team won their region last night!  They are off to semi-state!  Great job girls!

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