Monday, July 14, 2014

People Helping People

We have a woman in our church who has been in the hospital or rehabilitation center since November 11, 2013.  I don't mean she's been in and out of the hospital.  She's not been home since 11/11/2013!  Her battle has  been a lengthy one.  On more than one occasion her family and I have thought we lost her.

On several occasions she has been close to giving up.  I started telling her months ago, "If you don't think you have enough faith to see this through, you can borrow mine."  I firmly believe that her testimony will reach many lives once she is healed.  I don't know why God is allowing her to go through this, but He has sustained her and is growing her faith in a powerful way!  The church family has been praying daily for her healing, and we just believe that He will heal her completely!

As you can imagine, the medical bills for a situation can be staggering, even with the best insurance.  The church board has given some assistance to the family over the past few months, but we needed to go a step further.  I shared with our congregation the need to help out, and in just two weeks, the church family raised nearly $2,500.00 to put toward medical bills!  In addition, her husband's employer called when they heard what we were doing and added another $500.00 to the total!

Other acts of kindness and love have been extended.  Visits to the hospital and rehabilitation center.  Donating parts and labor for vehicle repairs so the husband could get to work and the hospital to check on his wife.  Cards and notes.  Flowers.  It's amazing to see what God has been doing to extend His love to a family in crisis.  Let's keep it up until she comes home!

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