Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last evening, our Vacation Bible School team gathered at the church to decorate for this year's event that starts this coming Monday evening.  While we had a lot to do, it was great seeing a couple of dozen people working and laughing together as we prepared for our upcoming children's outreach.  Energy flowed all over our campus as the team gathered to do the task before them.

As we worked together, I had the following thoughts about teams and teamwork.  These are not in any particular order.

1.  Common Goal - Teams function much better when everyone is on the same page - each team member knows the goal and is working toward making that goal a reality.

2.  Delegation of Responsibility - Everyone on the team needs to know what their responsibility is.  A good team leader points the other members of the team in the right direction.

3.  Leadership - The team responds to capable leadership.  A clear sense of who is in charge is vital.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.

4.  Affirmation - Team members accomplish more when compliments are flying around.

5.  Celebration - Teams that take time to celebrate their accomplishments tend to accomplish more than those that just work toward the goal and go home.  Applaud others.  This is similar to affirmation but is very intentional and is aimed for the entire team.

6.  Laughter - Enjoying each other and having fun is key to accomplishing great tasks.

There are many other things that make up great teams, but this is what I saw in action last night.  I was thrilled to see our team come together and get so much done, having fun all evening long!  Thanks everyone!  You are an outstanding team!!

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