Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Battle of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline. It's not something I like, nor am I always good at it. I'm probably like many of you. If there is something I like or enjoy, I am quick to get after it. But if it interferes with my agenda, well...

My latest battle with self-discipline is health-related. I was diagnosed in September with type 2 diabetes - my A1C test was off-the charts! I'm taking a little magic pill every morning, and then I eat three meals a day and test my blood sugar twice a day. I have to record every item I eat and report to the doctor regularly. My doctor wants me to get my A1C numbers in the "normal" range by mid-January.

The problem is - I LOVE FOOD! And, of course, I love the wrong foods! I've had to significantly change my eating habits. I have to discipline myself to reject the temptation to eat those things I know are bad for me. I have to do it now because I haven't done it all my life. And if I don't want to have serious health problems down the road, I have to make these changes. That means no cheating!

Self-discipline is something many of us struggle with, in all areas of life. Are you struggling with anything in this area? Are there changes you have to make now in order to be where you are supposed to be in your life? We need to pray for each other in this area. In doing so, we will be carrying each other's burdens, and in doing so, we will fulfill the law of Christ.


  1. I agree on the whole discipline thing. It seems that the things most important to us are the hardest to have self discipline. The things of no consequence seem easier to control. At least it seems that way. I say, hang in there, one day at a time. In regards to our health, we didn't get thing way in a day and we won't change completely in a day. So take care of today and don't fight tomorrow's battle, it's not here yet!

  2. Great thoughts, Ray! I'm hanging in there with you on this one!