Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exciting Days at EWC

These are exciting days at Edgerton Wesleyan Church. Our worship attendance has grown to the point where we are pushing up against the 80% capacity barrier of our sanctuary. Sunday School is near capacity. There are some Sundays when people have to park in the yard because the parking lot is full. Exciting!

Today I shared with the church the option of going to two worship services. We are currently exploring two different Sunday morning formats as well as a Saturday night service. The congregation received the information very well today. The church board and I have been working on this for a few months, and a focus group we brought in has endorsed the overall concept. Now we have to get a feel for which format would best serve this congregation / community.

Good days!


  1. Those are always the best kinds of decisions and problems to have in a congregation. I'm writing this much later than you wrote it, but I am reminded of Steve McVey from Kansas. His thoughts on the make up of congregations was very interesting. Just a thought!

  2. Ray, I absolutely agree with you on McVey's thoughts. The mindset differences between rural and suburban people are different, but you can grow a church anywhere people want to do God's will.