Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

I saw a great t-shirt the other day: "Guns don't kill people. Dads with pretty daughters do." If anyone needs a Christmas gift idea, I take a large.

People who criticize you for doing something you thought was nice or for their benefit seldom if ever notice when you correct your "error."

The virtue of confidentiality is nearly extinct.

Hard work produces results, which in turn require more hard work. This is a good thing.

It's easier to plant a garden in the spring than it is to clean up the area in the fall.

People don't do what is expected. They do what is inspected.

Organization is not over-rated. It's understated.

A Sunday school teacher asked his class if they thought Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark. Little Johnny replied, "How could he with just two worms?"

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