Monday, October 17, 2011

Funny Guy

We spent time on Skype last night with Sarah, Adam, and our amazing grandson, Micah. He is a riot! He is finally at a point where he knows who we are on Skype and engages with us in a form of conversation that, at this point, only he really knows where it is going. Even so, he is entertaining! Micah is growing up so fast. He has become the family farmer, feeding the chickens every day and making sure his dog, Sable, is being good. He certainly enjoys every waking moment of every day!


  1. Tonight he decided it was time for bed, and I said "no! I'm not ready for you to go to bed! I want to play!" He walked into the hallway, pointed to the bathroom and said, "teeeeeeth" for brushing teeth. Then he said, "are you coming?" :)

  2. That's funny, Sarah! He is certainly focused on his agenda, isn't he? Micah is one cool dude!