Friday, June 22, 2012

Updates on previous posts

Well, I looked back and thought I better update some of my past posts.
  • General Conference has come and gone.  We have restructured The Wesleyan Church to being led by one general superintendent and four major department leaders.  Many of the changes are good.  There are a couple of concerns as far as how some of them will impact overall effectiveness, but all in all, the denomination is leaner and meaner. 
  • I completed my online training for IWU and I passed!  I'm still a bit nervous about that first online class when it gets assigned, but like anything new, you have to try it before you know if you will like it!
  • I've lost about four pounds since implementing the "weight upon the Lord" plan.  I only have a couple of others in the church doing it with me, but that's fine.  By the end of the summer we'll be the envy (oops, can't have that) of the church.  :)
I'm praying our vacation plans come together.  There have been some obstacles but we are working toward it.  Look out New York! 

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