Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Choosing Jesus Daily

"Ours is the first generation in American history that has been born into a world where Christian truth is no longer the reference point for defining the story of humanity."  I don't know who wrote this, but I ran across it in my reading this week.  As I think about it, I unfortunately have to agree.  Privatized faith, pluralized beliefs, marginalized religion and relativized values have contributed to the spiritual restlessness that exists today.  Ours is a morally gray world where absolute truth has been replaced by "if it makes me happy, it works for me." 

The compartmentalization of our lives has brought about spiritual drift.  As a result, we have a decision deficit.  This undermines the very core of our relationship with Christ and fuels the inconsistency we struggle with.  The way that we (Christians) can combat this is to realize that our decision to follow Christ must not be taken lightly. As Jesus said, we must "remain" in Him.  That word means "maintain unbroken relationship with."  This implies a choice that is followed by ongoing choices.  Like the recovering alcoholic who has to decide day by day (even hour by hour) that he will choose not to drink, Christ-followers must decide day by day who it is that we are going to follow/serve.  We have to choose Jesus every day!  That's what a living sacrifice (Roman 12:1-2) is all about. 

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